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There are people who talk a lot and deliver too little. But then there are people who talk little and deliver quality as per expectations. I’m happy that Pittie belongs to the latter, which is why I’m extremely happy with the quality residences at Pittie Kourtyard.

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Roland Goves,
A – 502

At Pittie Kourtyard, the work speaks for itself. You walk in and you’ll sense the top-notch quality right from parking to flooring to ceiling to specifications. I flaunt it all the time. But honestly, I’m really proud of it.

Mr. & Mrs. Nimit Kaushik Parikh,
A – 1202

When I bought at Pittie Kourtyard, I was impressed with the direct involvement of the management at the site. I always saw Umang Pittie, Vaibhav Pittie on site. And I thought things would never go wrong here. And I was right. Their personal touch extended throughout.

Mr. & Mrs. Edul Phiroze Bharucha,
A – 1204

My friends and relatives came to visit my home at Pittie Kourtyard and they were like – woooww! I tell you, I felt so proud! The quality and finishing is for everyone to see. What they delivered was beyond our imagination…!

Dr. & Mrs. Ravindra Vithal Banpel,
B – 803

After-sales just didn’t feel like after-sale frankly. It’s a rare phenomenon, but I’m glad I witnessed it at Pittie Kourtyard. The Pittie family and the team took great care to deliver nothing but the best, as we wanted it.

Mr. & Mrs. Ankur Shinghal,
A – 1202

There are two things that speak for a house – its specifications and its finishing. And I must say, both are supreme at Pittie Kourtyard. And you can see it on the faces of the guests who are delighted when they come and see our house!

Mr. & Mrs. Vikaas Pawar,
C - 1002